Monday, May 25, 2015


Todd wiped at the sweat coating his brow as his computer finished its scan. 

“No Viruses Found” appeared in the dialogue box that was returned.

Todd blinked slowly trying to understand what his computer was doing. He had unplugged it and it was still churning through uploading all his files to a website Todd didn’t authorize to receive them. Stupid, it's a laptop. 

He tried to power it off.  No luck. 

He had tried to close all the communications ports.  He had turned off his Wi-Fi router.  The files continued to upload.

Todd had checked for viruses as a last resort.  No go.  None found.

“Should I smash it” Todd thought to himself.  He was desperate to stop his files from uploading to this foreign computer. 

“Jesus” he said the room.

Retaking control, Todd flipped the laptop over and reached into the top drawer of his desk.  He pulled out a tiny screwdriver and began to unscrew the aluminum outer shell casing.  Once the plate was off he yanked the it free.  He quickly worked to remove the four screws holding the SSD hard drive in place.  Once the last screw was loose, Todd yanked the drive free of the SATA cable that connected the storage unit to the computer.  

At first it appeared as if nothing had happened.  Then the upload stopped and a message flashed on to the screen saying “Thank you for the files, Todd”.  Then the screen blinked out and turned blue.

“What the hell was that” Todd said the empty room.

“You could have just remove the battery,” he thought as he slapped his head.  Too late!  He went to get a beer and see if he could figure out what had happened.

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