Thursday, March 27, 2014

Another Stab at the SNETI Pitch

A downtrodden man.

A half charged smartphone.
A message from beyond the boundaries of our solar system.

A dead President with his pockets jammed full of chocolate chip cookies.
An alien invasion.

The end of the world?
Brian Wyatt made a harmless post on the Social Network for Extraterrestrials (SNETI).  He didn’t expect a response since until today there have been no confirmed alien contacts on the website.  He got a response, “You are not alone”.

The space-based response spurs a flurry of activity.  Each new SNETI contact with his new pen pal, Galrick, brings more danger into Brian’s life.  A secret earth defense agency sworn to keep aliens off Earth, known only as NASAHOLES, wants to question him before he triggers an alien invasion by the Centaurian Collective.  The Collective wants him to lead them to new space buddy.  And Brian’s fiancĂ©e, Janet St. James, wants him home in time for dinner to meet her parents.
Join Brian as he struggles to stay out of the custody of the NASAHOLES, the Centaurian Collective and Janet.  Can a man with only a cell phone avoid destroying the planet and still make it home for dinner?  Did someone mention cookies?

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