Saturday, June 16, 2012

Are You a Newbie? I am.

Just discovered a cool blog for newbies.  Liked a challenge I saw on there, so I posted this as a reply:

Reston, VA 2:37 am

The chill of the night air caught me by surprise.   Stopping to catch my breath in the biting cold had been the only reason I looked up. 

There it was.  A UFO.

I live near Dulles International Airport, so I feel pretty confident that I know what a plane looks like.  This was not a plane.   It moved all wrong.  Its shape defied logic.  Angles where you would have expected curves and light where you should have seen nothing but shadows at this hour.

This object made the hair on my skin stand up even more than the goose pimples from the night breeze.  I stared, I knew, I could feel it in my bones that people would think I was crazy if I tried to tell them about this.   I would sound like those crazies on the History Channel shows about UFOs.  I would be ashamed to tell anyone of this incredible sight.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when a voice said “Unbelievable, eh?” 

Somehow a Sheriff’s Deputy had walked up right next to me and I hadn’t noticed.  

“Yeah,” I said.  “No one will believe this.  I wish I had my iPhone to get some high definition video.”

“You do seem to be underdressed for a night stroll,” replied the officer.

“Are you going to arrest me for being naked?” I inquired.

“It’s been a strange night” came the deputy’s response.  “I don’t want to frisk you or ask for ID. Just go home.  And no more night strolls.”

“Deal,” I said as I scurried off back through the hedge.  I would have to start wearing pajama pants.  Apparently, I had started sleepwalking again. 

Check them out here:

and the blogger here: James Crawford

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