Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Publish or Parrish?

Okay, I'll admit right off the top, I used the wrong version of the word Parrish to draw you in.  I am NOT, repeat NOT thinking of going into the ministry.

I am thinking about going into publishing via self-publishing/e-publishing. When I get to the point where I am ready to unveil my masterpiece of science fiction (I will let you be the judge at that point) it may be an enticing choice.  Everything I am reading and hearing says there is so much upside to this path.  Sure there are some expenses/obstacles to overcome.  Cover art, proofing, editing, etc.  From the sound of it, once you are passed those hurdles, and if you are lucky/smart enough to connect with your audience, it's pure profit.  Tons of upside with total control, no overhead, and less work (finding an agent/publisher/etc).  Everybody is doing it.  Bravo Everyone!!!

So why in the heck do I still think I want to go the traditional publishing route?
  • Is it the need for rejection letters in my mailbox? 
  • Am I just that much of a traditional guy?
  • Do I need to pay my dues to the Grand Masters of the Writing Craft?
  • Do I need the external validation that only comes from experts in the field? Shouldn't the audiences opinion be enough?
Looking at that last one, I am thinking it might what's driving me.  I think many writers in the modern age look to traditional publishing or a writing contest to pick us and lift us into the heady world of modern greats like J.K. Rowling, Stephanie Meyers, Suzanne Collins, Stieg Larsson, etc.  The superstars of publishing (household names) have yet to be dominated by e-publishing authors (that day is coming though, so don't discount it as not possible).   Naivete fuels that dream of writing the great American or international novel that will begin a meteoric rise to fame.  

For now, I will settle for working on my novel and making it the best I book I can write.  I think I will still take a look at traditional publishing, but my mind is slowly opening to the idea of self-publishing.  In the day and age of the e-book, why not?

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